ColorPix 2.1

Recognizes all kinds of colors in pixels under the cursor
2.1.20 (See all)
View the color codes of any part of the display while moving your mouse cursor over objects and spaces with recognition algorithms activated. The utility works with code in web Hex, decimal Red, Green, Blue, and the color compliment. Recognized data is viewed in real time of from a file.

Color codes are show as the cursor is moved in the ColorPix window. A cursor click displays the color code in web Hex and decimal Red, Green, Blue, along with the color compliment. The ColorPix screen can be pasted from the clipboard or read from a file. Sucessive clicks save the pixel colors in a list with user descriptions for review or printing. ColorPix is an essential utility for web page development.
- Pick the best color and background for web text and graphics
- Display color codes in web hex and RBG decimal; also the color complement
- ColorPix can also display the average color in a region around the cursor
- Save and print clicked pixel color codes with user descriptions
- Graphics from the clipboard or a graphic file

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